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           About Linda Knight.

Born in Wimbledon, London SW19, in the late 40s, a few years after the end of World War II, Linda Knight ( nee Randall ) grew up showing the talents which were to form her later life; a lover of animals and insects, gardening and considerable artistic talent. As a young girl she spent time helping her grandparents in the garden and collecting insects which she kept in her bedroom much to her mother's consternation. Her family could not keep large pets since they lived in a small flat, but her collection included white mice, a budgerigar, an antery and various jars of insects. Even as a youngster Linda had a special way with animals.

Linda wanted to be a vet but her family could not afford to pay for the training, instead she grew to be "the animals' friend", always there to try to mend a wing, remove a thorn from a paw or just give care. She even caught a polecat-ferret in the street and rescued a pipistrelle bat from her bedroom. She eventually had a small-holding where she kept goats, horses, chickens and bees,

After her son left home she had more spare time and began to re-discover and develop her talents for writing, poetry and painting, and gave several local talks on her life. It is a strange connection with East Lodge, Belper, that Jedediah's daughters Elizabeth and Martha were both accomplished poets, and another, that Gerry's favorite painter, Turner, was painting on the Isle of Wight (where Linda and Gerry lived) in 1795 when East Lodge was built. Linda has presented one poem on the page "East Lodge" and other examples of her poetry and pictures are given below. "A prickly problem" was written after a painful episode cleaning out the greenhouse which housed her husband's cacti collection, "Galloping free" was inspired by her love of horses. Linda has produced a CD of her poetry and stories.

Linda is an accomplished gardener. Her prize-winning East Lodge garden (Best Residential Garden in East Midlands, 2002) is shown on the linked page "Links with Pawtucket", and was featured on the BBC Video Nation where she made four short videos of the seasons. Because these are not reliably reproduced on the BBC website anymore, a combined version is reproduced here. On the right is the BBC program "Up The Garden Path" made about the garden. Play or download.

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "Ogg"

Download Video: Closed Format: "MP4" Open Format: "Ogg"

Linda also wrote short (very short) Christmas pantomimes for BBC radio Derby.You can listen to the broadcasts here.

In her early forties Linda was having trouble with her eysight and was devastated to find she had Glaucoma, a hereditary eye problem. By then she had lost some sight but a successful operation on both eyes has stabilised the deterioration.


I'm fed up with your cacti plants,
They may be green and tough,
But the flowers only last a day
And I have had enough.

The prickly pear is in the bin.
The rest are yet to follow.
It's them or me my own true love.
I find them hard to swallow.

They like it hot, well so do I.
I am a hot-house flower.
So my love, just throw them out!
Those prickly plants with power.

Copyright Linda Knight ( L A Knight ) 2000


With a high pitched shriek
They launch themselves into a new found freedom.
A freedom of the air, a freedom of flight.
Building their knowledge of airflows and
Catching their own prey.
Their parents look on
Knowing they have fulfilled their task.
A task that will begin again next Spring
With a new clutch of eggs.

Copyright Linda Knight ( L A Knight ) 2013


We're ruining the planet
With the way we live,
We take the Earth's resources
And something has to give.
Plastic that is man-made
Is ruining the sea,
Killing the marine life,
A plastic tragedy.
Icecaps are quickly melting,
Warming up the sea,
Changing all the airflows,
Man's catastrophe.
Weather getting rougher,
Seas are on the rise,
With drought and heavy rainfall,
Are they man's demise?
Man won't change his lifestyle,
He wants more and more,
Taking from the planet,
All it's earthly store.
Planet Earth will fight back,
We cannot change the past,
Have we gone past the turning point,
The clock is ticking fast.

Copyright Linda Knight ( L A Knight ) 2019

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Linda has written several children's colouring booklets of stories or poetry.
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Some of Linda's eBooks are available from Amazon & Amazon's Kindle.
Twinkle at Sea Cover


I gallop away across the fields
on a strong horse, although he yields.
The wind caressing my hair and face.
Horse's mane flowing at the pace.
Galloping on, feeling free as a bird,
on a powerful animal from the herd.
Galloping onwards on a steady course.
Body and soul at one with the horse.
Galloping onwards, galloping fast,
quickly into the future, leaving the past.

Copyright Linda Knight ( L A Knight ) 2000


When a life is taken
And the heartbeat fades away
The essence is still there.
It remains in the hearts and minds
Of the living,
The family, the friends, the associates.
The emotions of love, sadness and grief,
Followed by the questions of why, how, when.
The agony of being torn apart from a loved one,
But the peace of knowing that there is another time,
Another place,
A spiritual existence
In a higher realm.
A realm of light, love and tranquillity,
A place where there is no more pain.
For the life that has been taken.
So when the heartbeat fades away,
Remember that they are in God’s Paradise.

Copyright Linda Knight ( L A Knight ) 2013

Fury was a little foal,
Who liked to run and play,
His legs were long, his mane was short,
His eyes a bluey grey.
Fury had a little lump,
Growing above his eyes,
It sprouted out into a horn,
Much to his surprise.
His mother said it was alright,
That he had this fine horn,
Because he was a special foal,
A young white unicorn.
He knew that he was different,
From the other foals around,
Each step he took felt light as air,
When he pranced on the ground.

Copyright Linda Knight ( L A Knight ) 2019

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winter sun
four seasons
Ginny and me
sheep and Critch stand
dog tug-o-war
two ponies
geese line dance
autumn ploughing
sleepy pigs
hedgehogs three

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All paintings Copyright Linda Knight ( L A Knight ) 2000-2015

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