Linda Knight's Faith Poetry.© Copyright Linda Knight

Looking Up.

Looking across the valley
and into the sky
on a clear dark night,
I can see aeroplanes flying to different destinations.
with their lights flashing on and off.
The sky is full of twinkling stars
and as I stand and enjoy the peace of the moment,
I think of the one who created it all.
I can see my own breath in the cold night air,
and my face begins to feel the chill
from the lowering temperature.
I catch a glimpse of the thickening white frost
glistening in the moonlight.
Looking up towards the East
Mars, a yellowy orange sparkly planet
dominates the horizon.
Satellites appear and disappear
on their never ending journey around the Earth.
I often wonder what lies beyond this galaxy
and as I stand in my garden looking up at the sky
on such a beautiful still cold dark night,
I wonder.

The Best Present Of All.

God reached out His mighty hand
To His children who were lost.

A young maiden who was
Obedient to God and pure in heart,
Bore a child who was the connection between Heaven and Earth.

God reached out His mighty hand
To His children who had lost their way.

Angels announced the good news
To Shepherds who were guarding their sheep.
They walked from the fields outside Bethlehem
Into the town to visit the child.

God was pleased as He reached out His mighty hand
To His children on Earth.

A star shone from the sky,
Like a beacon
Pointing down to the stable.
Telling travellers with gifts
'This is where I am,
Come and see this wonderful baby,
Born in Bethlehem.'

God beckons with His mighty hand
Come to me with your troubles, I am here for you.

He is the best present of all,
Rest in His presence,
Open your heart to Him.
He can change your life.

Never Give Up.

A spider spins a simple web
That looks so delicate but,
The silken thread
Is strong enough to support the spider.
The silken thread
Is sticky enough to catch the spider's dinner.
The silken thread
Shines like a thousand diamonds when it's frosty.
The silken thread
Can be destroyed by a passing insect breaking free of the sticky trap.

We can be like the spider,
Spinning our web of life,
Letting it take the strain
Until something overloads it.
Our silken threads of life can be broken down.

God can uplift us again
Building us up
Supporting us in the silken threads of life.
We can shine like a thousand diamonds.
Just remember the spider doesn't give up,
He rebuilds his web everyday.
We can rebuild our lives
When they get broken,
But we need the support of friends
And the love of Christ to make us whole again.

The Saviour’s Love.

We can fly free as birds on the wing
And glide like eagles on air,
Showing the love that the Saviour gives,
From our hearts whilst we’re in his care.
The Saviour’s love is never-ending
His love extends to us all
He died on a wooden cross in love
And in love he’s there when we fall.
We can fly free as birds on the wing
Knowing that Jesus is there,
And be the people he wants us to be
Guided by his loving care.

The Death of Jesus.

A cross was made for Him to carry
And, although bleeding and beaten,
He was yet to gain a victory for mankind.
On His head he wore a kingly crown,
Not made from gold, but of thorns.
Droplets of blood appeared through his hair,
And, as he was nailed to the cross,
Precious blood poured from his hands and feet.
People watched while soldiers mocked
And offered him wine vinegar.
Two criminals were crucified on crosses,
One either side of the Saviour.
One of the robbers threw insults,
The other one showed repentance,
And Jesus forgave and pardoned him.
At the sixth hour darkness shrouded the land,
The curtain in the temple, tore into two
Revealing the inner heart of the Holy of Holies.
Jesus took all our sin on himself,
The sacrificial Lamb.
As he spoke to his Father he breathed his last breath.
He truly was the Son of God.

The Light.

With the light that follows darkness
And the echo of the storm,
The air seems purified and clean
With sunny skies so warm.
The black clouds have been swept away
With strong winds from above,
And rain has quenched the earth below
Just like our Saviours love.

With the light the birds awaken
And sing sweetly in the trees,
They echo dawns arrival
With its Autumnal coloured leaves.
A multicoloured carpet spread
Along the dampened ground,
We thank God for all the Harvest
And the beauty all around.

With the light so short in Winter
as the snow lay on the earth,
We reflect on the Nativity
And news of Jesu's birth.
A saviour born to save us all
If we receive Him in.
He is the Lord of everything
And takes away our sin.

With the light of Spring approaching
And the weather changing fast,
Snowdrops blossom on the ground
And buds on trees are cast.
It's a time for our renewal,
Jesus died upon the tree,
And he can change the way we are
Because he sets us free.

The Son.

When the sun shines in a clear blue sky
It gives out light and heat
Without it we would not survive
Jesus is the Son of God
He is the light of the world
Without Him we are lost souls.
Dark clouds build in the sky
And life can have its dark moments
Jesus can uplift us and lighten our burdens
Rain falls on to the earth cleansing and refreshing everything
We need water to survive
Just as we need Jesus to wash away our sins
The wind can be gentle and kind or strong and fierce
You can't see it but you can feel it
The Holy Spirit is like the wind
The rainbow is a spectrum of basic colours but a thing of beauty
It's the join between the rain and the sunshine
It reflects the hope of what is to come
The snow falls gently to the ground
It's blanket covers everything in purest white
Just as Jesus forgives us and we are washed clean
Under a certain temperature ice and frost form
Creating a see-through barrier
Christ can see into our hearts even though we create barriers
Thunder and lightening can scare us
Just like the storms of life
Jesus carries us through
Trust and believe in Him and let the light of Christ fill your lives.

© Copyright Linda Knight 2000-2010,