About the Isle of Wight off Portsmouth, UK. The dinosaur island.

skeleton from Dinosaur Isle Museum Dinosaur Isle Museum
The Isle of Wight is a small island some 12 miles by 25 miles long, just off the coast of Portsmouth, UK. Amongst other things it is famous for Osbourne House, Queen Victoria's home for Albert and their children. It was also the start of the PLUTO pipeline from near Ventnor to the allied invasion beaches of France during the Second World War. Cowes, on the northern tip, is the home of The Royal Yatch Squadron and an important centre for ocean racing.
It is now recognised as an important source of dinosaur remains including fossilised bones and footprints. The sites have been the subject of a detailed "dig" by the BBC in 2001 and many of the remains are kept in two museums on the island. The pictures are from the Dinosaur Isle Museum at Sandown.
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