Pictures of scale model Concorde aircraft used in the original design process for ditching capability.
Model Concorde on catapult

Passive model Concorde on catapult

Radio controlled Concorde model

Flying radio controlled model Concorde

Concorde model from above

Model Concorde view from above

Concorde model from below

Model Concorde view from below

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Pictures of passive and radio control model Concorde.
This large, powered scale model was built as a research vehicle to test the ability of Concorde to land or " ditch " in the sea. It is a requirement of any aircraft operating from the UK that passengers can survive in such an emergency landing. Tests must be completed successfully in order for the aircraft to be awarded its CAA certificate for passenger operations. The model was equipped with scale thrust ducted fan engines and full instrumentation and needed air-traffic control permission before each launch.

Video of a more modern radio controlled flying model with turbine engines can be seen here.